Regarding Covid 19

Once our office is allowed to open we will be instituting a “One patient at a time policy”. When you arrive at our office at the designated time, we will send you a text which will tell you when it is O.K. to come into the office. This will be after the previous patient has left and the whole office has been wiped down. This way you will not need to wait with others in the reception room and you will be confident that everything has been sanitized for you to go right to the room to be treated.

I also want to update you on some preventive measures on Covid 19, that I have gleaned from one of the doctors I work with.

Dr. Allan Sosin from the Institute of Progressive Medicine recommends supplementing with some of the following:




Vitamin D3



Colloidal Silver

My favorite on the list is Colloidal Silver. I like the Mesosilver brand which is found on Amazon. There is also a nasal spray version of colloidal silver which also can be found on Amazon. Dr. Sosin feels the nasal spray of colloidal silver can be very effective for handling congestion.

In addition I have found benefits with my Sleep Apnea patients with the following two supplements;

Physicians Strength Oregacillion. To be used if you have any respiratory distress. I often recommend this product for my sleep apnea patients who are having trouble breathing.

Colloidal Gold treatment. To be used for patients who are having trouble sleeping because of stress. Take 1-2 tablespoons prior to going to sleep on an empty stomach. For most people meant to be taken for 3-4 weeks to resolve the situation. A big help during these stressful times. I like the Energold brand which has 200 p.p.m. gold, which can be found on Amazon.

Don’t hesitate to leave a message if you have any questions.