TMJ Treatment

TMJ discomfort is usually an indicator or red flag of other underlying problems. Dr. West, armed with his extensive background in Biologic Dentistry helps the patient uncover these problems. End result is a patient who benefits in a more holistic manner, and sees improvement both physically and mentally. Oftentimes the patient is able to avoid costly physical therapy appoints, by learning how to treat painful areas themselves. Go from being in pain and stressed to being pain free and happy.

The following is accomplished at your Consultation regarding TMJ concerns:

  1. Complete dental exam
  2. Low Radiation Digital x-ray of all teeth and TMJ
  3. Acupuncture meridian analysis
  4. TMJ exam
  5. Head and neck muscle exam
  6. Diet analysis
  7. Supplement analysis
  8. Posture analysis
  9. Screening for Sleep Apnea

What does the patient walk away with?

  1. Dental treatment recommendations if indicated.
  2. Acupuncture meridian analysis report
  3. TMJ treatment recommendations
  4. A personalized list of simple exercises
  5. Diet recommendations
  6. Supplement recommendations
  7. Stress relieving recommendations
  8. Posture recommendations
  9. Recommendations for treating Sleep Apnea if indicated

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