Biologic Dentistry Q&A

1.  Why should I see a Certified biologic dentist?

A dentist certified by the IABDM (International Academy of Biologic Dentistry and Medicine), has has had his cases reviewed for success in treatment, and has had extensive training in safely removing toxic dental materials, and had his office inspected for having the best equipment for safely treating patients. This is called the Protect Protocol

2.  How is Dr. West uniquely qualified as Biologic Dentist?

He has also been a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology since 2001 and is SMART certified.  This means he is certified in the safe removal of mercury/amalgam fillings.  For over 20 years he has been working hand and hand with doctors who are focused on holistic medicine.   In 2008 he built his new office, which is specifically designed for biologic dentistry.

3.  What is different about Dr. West’s office? 

 His office is in a one-story business park, and you are able to park right if front of the office for very easy access.  Although, he has been at this location for 12 years, the office looks like new office.  He is very particular about having everything clean, but at the same time have a very calming effect. Dr. West has one treatment room specifically set up for biologic dentistry.  Unlike most Medical/Dental offices it has a very Zen-like patio outside the treatment room. 

4.  How does Dr. West review my treatment options?

Your x-ray is projected on a big screen T.V. and you can easily see for yourself what is happening.  Dr. West then reviews all of your options for you.  Once a treatment plan is determined, the front office can then submit your plan to your dental insurance company.  

5. Is Biologic Dentistry more expensive?

Not with Dr. West.  Many biologic dentists charge separate fees for removal of the toxic materials, and for desensitizing the teeth.  Dr. West charges the UCR fees  (Usual Customary and Reasonable) and does not charge additional fees for those procedures.  Also we offer a free low radiation x-ray for new patients.  

6. Why does TMJ treatment fall under the category of Biologic Dentistry?

Because TMJ discomfort is a red flag of more underlying problems. When handled in a holistic manner, the patient can avoid harmful drugs and costly surgeries.

7.  What do if I want to set up an appointment?  

Call 949 829-6700. We also have Saturday hours.