Sleep Apnea Q&A

1.  What is Sleep Apnea?

People who have sleep apnea have a restricted airway when they sleep.  Consequently all the cells in your body take in less oxygen.  This results in tiredness during the day, higher incidences of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, dementia, erectile dysfunction,  and higher rate of auto accidents.

2.  Is there a simple way to determine if I might have sleep apnea?  

Go to Patient Forms on this website and download the screening form.  If you score 6 or more, the odds that you have sleep apnea are high.

3.  How do I confirm that I have sleep apnea?

Contact your doctor regarding having a sleep study.  If your need help on this call us at 949 829-6700.

3.  What is the purpose of sleep study?   

You sleep overnight wearing a device that measures the severity of your sleep apnea.  There are two types. One is a take home device, the other you stay overnight in a facility where you can be closely monitored.

4.  What is the treatment for Sleep Apnea?

The first step is use what is called a CPAP mask.  This mask forces air into your airway to keep your airway unrestricted.

5.   Does the CPAP work?

Yes, 33% of people get excellent results. Many people, however, are not tolerant to the CPAP mask

6.  What do I do if I am not tolerant to the CPAP mask?

See Dr. West for a free consultation regarding what is called “Oral Appliance Therapy” or  “OAT”.  At the consultation, Dr. West will determine what appliance is best for you.

7.  What happens if I do not treat my Sleep Apnea?

Patients who have Moderate Sleep Apnea have documented higher incidences of Stroke, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Mood Disturbances, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, Sexual Dysfunction, GERD, and daytime sleepiness.

7.  How does Dr. West determine which appliance is the best option for each patient?

Dr. West has been treating patients with Sleep Apnea for over 15 years.  Being that he has Sleep Apnea himself, he tests all appliances on the market on himself.  Unlike, most other dentists in this field, he does not just work with just one appliance.  He works with several different appliances, and is able to recommend the best appliance for you. Consequently his results are much better than what shown in the literature in this field.  

8. How much does Oral Appliance Therapy Cost?

Dr. West is a Medicare Provider.  If you meet the Medicare criteria, Medicare will cover the costs.  Dr. West is also a Kaiser Insurance Provider and if you meet their  criteria, it will cover your costs.  For everyone else,  we will submit your information to a Medical Insurance Research Company to maximize your benefits.

9.  Where can I find more information on this subject?

Go to Blog on this website and you will find more articles on this subject.

9.  What do I do next?  

Call (949) 829-6700 and set up for your free consultation with Dr. West.  We also have Saturday hours.