Biologic Dentistry

What is Biologic Dentistry?

Biologic Dentistry takes into account a person’s medical along with their dental history. Dr. West will review your dental history to discover what impact it could have on your medical history. Included in this assessment are the types of fillings you have had placed and types of metals used in your dental restorations. Oftentimes he will use a tooth meridian chart (see below) to see what effect metals and or faulty root canals can have on your organs, or glands in your body. If you have mercury-containing fillings he will plan how they can be safely removed using the SMART protocol from The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.
The I.A.O.M.T. also has a great video showing the toxic fumes coming off an amalgam filling: Smoking teeth
In addition, Dr. Mercola has a very informative article regarding amalgam fillings.
Here is the link: Dr. Mercola link re: mercury fillings

Once the toxic metal is removed, Dr. West will place a biocompatible dental restoration.

When fillings are indicated, Dr. West uses a product called Admira-Fusion biocompatible nano-ORMOCER. It is the world’s first all ceramic restorative material. It is the only filling material that contains no monomer, no BPA, and no fluoride.

When a crown type restoration is indicated, Dr. West uses either lithium disilicate or zirconia. Both materials are non-metal containing and are biocompatible and are very esthetic.

When implants are indicated, Dr. West works only works with zirconia biocompatible implants, and not the metal titanium implants.

Unlike most biologic dentists, Dr. West does not charge an extra fee for removal of the toxic materials. Nor does he charge for the materials to desensitize the tooth to to avert the need for root canal therapy. In addition for those who mention this website, your low radiation digital x-ray will be at no charge.

tooth meridian chart