Sweet Dreams and a Sweeter Smile

Spotlight on Scott E. West, DDS

by Jody Robinson & Heather Evans • photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography. Originally appeared in South County Magazine.

I bet you didn’t know you could sleep your way to a better life. That’s exactly what Scott E. West, DDS, helps his patients do. Focusing on Snoring, Sleep Apnea and CPAP intolerance, Dr. West has become the premier expert in oral appliance therapy.

While CPAP masks are the most effective treatment protocol, it’s not always the best solution for individuals suffering from sleep apnea, a problem that affects the health and longevity of millions.

“The number one treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP mask. But if you take 100 people who have been told they have sleep apnea, and know that the effects of sleep apnea are very damaging to their health, and you give them the CPAP, and then follow up with them a year later, 60% of them are not wearing it,” says Dr. West, a Diplomate of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines. “They don’t do a lot of good in the closet.”

His 95% patient success rate speaks volumes, but the countless husband and wives he’s helped take their testimonials a step further, crediting him with being something of a miracle worker.

For patients who are CPAP intolerant, the oral appliance is the best alternative and dentists like Dr. West are the only professionals licensed to work with these devices. While most dentists are trained on one type of sleep aid appliance, Dr. West works with many types of oral appliances.

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to our patients,” says Dr. West, who is one of the few Medicare providers for this procedure. “For this reason, we have a very high success rate.’’

In the mid-1970s, Dr. West began his career as a general dental practitioner in Mission Viejo, where he focused on cosmetic and family dentistry.

“From day one, I’ve truly enjoyed helping people,” says Dr. West. “I enjoyed staying on the cutting edge of aesthetic dentistry, but also became interested in ways to improve my overall health and the health of my patients.”

Because of this, it was a natural progression for Dr. West to find himself working closely with Holistic and Naturopathic practitioners and to begin approaching dentistry from a biological point of view. So, when a colleague contacted him seven years ago about an oral device he had developed to treat patients with Sleep Apnea and snoring problems, Dr. West expanded his general dentistry practice to include treatment for sleep issues.

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear a patient tell me they’ve had the best sleep in years, or that they’ve been able to sleep in the same room as their partner again,” he says. “I’ve seen a patient’s whole life change just because they got a good night’s sleep!”

His 95% patient success rate speaks volumes, but the countless husband and wives he’s helped take their testimonials a step further, crediting him with being something of a miracle worker.

If you think you might have a sleep problem or have participated in a sleep study and are interested in alternatives to the CPAP mask, Dr. West’s office should be the first phone call you make. Consultations are complimentary. Among the most common comment from patients is that Dr. West explains their condition and available treatment in such a way that it’s easy to understand and determine the best options to address their individual needs.

Dr. West is located in Lake Forest just blocks off the 5 freeway. With convenient parking right at his front door, he treats patients from as far North as Los Angeles and as far South as San Diego.

If you would like to know more about Dr. West, visit his website — biologicandsleepdentistry.com — where you’ll learn about what he can do for you. Questions about your insurance plan? Not a problem. His friendly and caring staff are ready to help you.