What Our Patients Say

I’ve dealt with sleep apnea problems for some time- snoring, gasping, morning headaches, fatigue, etc. After Dr. West’s treatment I no longer snore, I am more alert, morning headaches have disappeared and my blood pressure has improved. Dr. West is extremely thorough and dedicated to an improvement in the quality of the lives of his patients. He’s certainly made a difference in mine.


Dr. West (and his team) are awesome!!! My wife loves the appliance and so do I. Which I had done this years ago… More energy, better nights sleep and no snoring. Worth 10x the price.


You are relaxed and at ease when during the whole appointment. After thirteen years with Dr. West and his staff, I am satisfied and pleased with not only the professionalism of all the staff, but the friendliness and kindness, which is extended, that commences upon entering the door


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