Dr. West is the best dentist I have ever seen and I have been to the dentist a lot!  He is so nice and gentle, his office is clean and he so patient.  I look forward to the dentist now.

Sara M.

Dr. West and his staff are so friendly and helpful.  It is rare to find this level of care and service anywhere.  They are committed, honest and professional.  Dr. West helped me solve my snoring, disruptive sleep and clenching issues.  I highly recommend them.

Terry F.

He explained everything in advance and checked with me constantly during the procedure to make sure I was comfortable.


Dr. West is the best dentist!!!   His office staff is kind and thorough and very easy deal with.

L. D.

My dentist in No. CA recommended a Newport Beach Dentist friend when I moved to  Orange County…  He wanted to charge me $7,000 of work.  My No. CA  dentist had already been maintaining me dental health.  I found Dr. West online with a more holistic, honest approach.  All i needed was some smoothing to a veneer and a teeth cleaning.  5 Star.  The offices are beautifully decorated and painted a soft color that feels very peaceful.  I highly recommend Dr. Scott


The only dentist for me and my family had for past 5 years. Biological dentistry is so important.  They know how to remove mercury and all those materials that can cause cancer.  We are lucky to have them so close to home and they are open on Saturdays which is convenient for people who work.


I was referred to Dr. West by my Holistic doctors. He removed my toxic fillings properly and the Holistic doctors tell me I am doing much better, and better yet I feel much better.  


Wow. Wish I had known it was this easy, affordable and comfortable to stop snoring, breathing freely and enjoy the health benefits of a great night’s sleep. Dr. West cured my snoring and apnea with a simple mouth appliance that he adjusts until it is both comfortable and effective. I was very impressed with his knowledge, patience and compassion to help me be to a healthy, non-invasive, no CPAP solution. Don’t waste another night. Go see Dr. West. It is a great gift to yourself for a happier, healthier life.

Mike C.

I believe that the prevailing attitude is one of integrity in every sense.


After much frustration with a CPAP and no help from Sleep Doctors, I stopped by Dr. West’s office for information about a mouthpiece. What a difference, he took the time to see me right away with a great explanation of alternatives to the CPAP. The decision was easy because of his procedure and the economical option. The toughest part is the time to have the mouthpiece made. It’s worth it. I have not slept better or been more rested in years. Thank you Dr. West.

Bill L.

You are relaxed and at ease when during the whole appointment. After thirteen years with Dr. West and his staff, I am satisfied and pleased with not only the professionalism of all the staff, but the friendliness and kindness, which is extended, that commences upon entering the door


My world is brighter and more beautiful because of you — Thank You!


Since I went to Scott West DDS. My sleep has never been better! I received an appliance for my sleep apnea, and my world has changed for the better. I wake up refreshed, don’t need naps during the day anymore, and the best part I don’t wake up my husband anymore. He is one happy camper now. The staff is really friendly and courteous, and Dr. West was very helpful in answering all of my questions.

Cindy B.

After a few visits we realized we didn’t know what good dentistry was until we came to Dr. West

M. and N. H.

Being SMART certified was very important to me. I was very anxious about the treatment. It went very smooth for me. He knows what he is doing.


He’s so quiet now. So very, very quiet. No snoring.
All night, every night. I am so happy. Thank you so much.

G. O’.

I’ve very much enjoyed my experience with Dr. West and his staff. Their goal is to make and adjust your personally fitted device so you will be able to do away with your CPAP machine. I would highly recommend Dr. West, if you are looking for a professional, honest, and friendly doctor to give you an alternative to the CPAP.


Within the first week of getting my oral appliance from Dr. Scott West I was sleeping 7-8 hours a night! I don’t wake up in the middle of the night any more. My wife says I don’t snore anymore. I haven’t slept this well in years!


Before meeting Dr. West and his team, I was ready to give up on fixing my sleep apnea. The mouthpiece was amazing: not only tolerable, but not embarrassing compared to the CPAP. 20 years of snoring next to my wife and now it’s gone along with the apnea. I feel great and happy to go to bed now.


And I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 months. Trust me when I say it works. And if your still not sure if will work just remember, a better life is worth the risk.


No more snoring! My wife is very happy and has moved back into the master bedroom. My sleep is much deeper and most days I now wake up naturally after about 6 hours of sleep. Waking up without an alarm clock and without the need for caffeine is a huge treat!


Dr. West (and his team) are awesome!!! My wife loves the appliance and so do I. Wish I had done this years ago… More energy, better nights sleep and no snoring. Worth 10x the price.


I’ve dealt with sleep apnea problems for some time- snoring, gasping, morning headaches, fatigue, etc. After Dr. West’s treatment I no longer snore, I am more alert, morning headaches have disappeared and my blood pressure has improved. Dr. West is extremely thorough and dedicated to an improvement in the quality of the lives of his patients. He’s certainly made a difference in mine.


I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about a decade ago.  I have tried many solutions including the CPAP and they were all intolerable. Dr. West made me an adjustable appliance and it has been the answer to my sleeping problems! I no longer snore…my husband can sleep in peace. And I also feel much more rested. Thank you Dr. West!!!


Since I got my appliance, I’ve gotten a better relationship with my girlfriend, I am a lot happier, and I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 months.  Trust me when I say it works, and if you are still not sure if it will work just remember LIFE is worth the risk.


I love the appliance I have.  I sleep through the night without waking.  Dr. West and staff demonstrated professionalism and patience through the entire process.  I would highly recommend Dr. West’s office for anyone seeking an alternative to the CPAP machine for sleep apnea.


Thank you for letting me sleep with my wife without getting pushed or shoved in the middle of the night, ruining sleep for both of us.

I.C. M.D.

I came in frustrated with being tired and not happy with the CPAP process. Dr. West and his team have been wonderful!! I am sleeping through the night! I am not snoring.


The device created by Dr. West has cured my snoring problem. I am now able to sleep through the night without waking my partner. I do feel more refreshed in the morning. I am very happy that I took  the chance to try a new approach to an old problem. I will recommend this treatment to anyone. It was painless. Dr. West and his staff were very professional and paid close attention to all of my requests. They made me feel very comfortable through the fitting process.