Cindy B.

Since I went to Scott West DDS. My sleep has never been better! I received an appliance for my sleep apnea, and my world has changed for the better. I wake up refreshed, don’t need naps during the day anymore, and the best part I don’t wake up my husband …


You are relaxed and at ease when during the whole appointment. After thirteen years with Dr. West and his staff, I am satisfied and pleased with not only the professionalism of all the staff, but the friendliness and kindness, which is extended, that commences upon entering the door

Bill L.

After much frustration with a CPAP and no help from Sleep Doctors, I stopped by Dr. West’s office for information about a mouthpiece. What a difference, he took the time to see me right away with a great explanation of alternatives to the CPAP. The decision was easy because of …


I believe that the prevailing attitude is one of integrity in every sense.

Mike C.

Wow. Wish I had known it was this easy, affordable and comfortable to stop snoring, breathing freely and enjoy the health benefits of a great night’s sleep. Dr. West cured my snoring and apnea with a simple mouth appliance that he adjusts until it is both comfortable and effective. I …


He explained everything in advance and checked with me constantly during the procedure to make sure I was comfortable.

Terry F.

Dr. West and his staff are so friendly and helpful.  It is rare to find this level of care and service anywhere.  They are committed, honest and professional.  Dr. West helped me solve my snoring, disruptive sleep and clenching issues.  I highly recommend them.

Sara M.

Dr. West is the best dentist I have ever seen and I have been to the dentist a lot!  He is so nice and gentle, his office is clean and he so patient.  I look forward to the dentist now.  ????